Telling the Truth about Today’s Holy Catholic Church: Church Militant says “Fire Them All!”


“Speak only the truth and it will set you free”…


When “professional Catholics” are allowed to run our beloved Church, the 12 Apostles have got to be turning over in their graves… That is not what Jesus meant by “Baptizing all nations in the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”

Hope all is well with you as we bring you Part II in my 3-part series on “Telling the Truth about Today’s Holy Catholic Church”…the church that has changed quite a bit in the ways that it is being run today. And, yes, like I promised you, I have included “Church Militants” Michael Voris’ 8 minute powerful “tell it like it is” video as part of my column. With the overwhelming amount of positive responses and phone calls that I received from so many readers from Part I, I can’t wait to see what happens with this Part II and Part III. It is refreshing to see that so many of our readers (including many of our clergy), are on the same page and book with me on this series as many of you have come from out of the wood works to share your two cents worth with me. I appreciate the very kind and thoughtful comments so many of you have made. GOD Bless You!!


“Those who make a living on their Catholicism, but in whom the spring of faith flows only faintly, in a few scattered drops.” – Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus (2010)

“Professional Catholics”…what a great term…what a great disservice. Now, this is not coming from me or Michael Voris. This is coming from the most educated pontiff we have ever had in the history of the Holy Catholic Church (266 and counting). Yes, Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus, coined this term and came up with this oh-so-accurate quote. He goes on to elaborate on this term and to show how inadequate so many of our lay people who hold these positions of authority and leadership in our Church today have no clue what their true task at hand is. If you don’t know Catholic Church teachings, you cannot teach others about your faith and you should not have any type of position in the Catholic Church teaching others when you don’t know your own Faith. Now, that is telling it like it is, folks. Again, this is coming directly from our beloved Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus.

And, just as I stated in Part I of this series, it is these so-called Professional Catholics, who have no clue what the Catholic Church teaches – but, yet, are in charge of teaching the Catholic Church doctrine to the countless Catholics who walk into their parishes and dioceses all over our country. From Religious Ed and CCD to R.C.I.A. and youth ministries, as well as many employees who work for the hundreds of dioceses around the country – many of these people in these educational positions run our parishes today and truly have no clue what it means to “lay down one’s life for another”, or what Matthew 25 states, or what the Ten Commandments are…Again, we are not pointing fingers here, I am just simply telling it like it is and expanding on our beloved former Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus’ quote – as I know that we have some wonderful people who fill these positions in our parishes today. I worked with many of them and hold high regards and respect for them…I tip my hat and toot my Harmonica to those who uphold our Catholic Church teachings. We need more like you. Again, this is a world-wide epidemic, not just in the United States of America…

“Supernatural Faith”…another provocative term. This is the type of “lukewarm” Faith that so many of these Professional Catholics live by, as they happen to work for the Catholic Church; have no idea what it teaches; collect a paycheck every week; and go through the motions day in and day out, using their health benefits and vacation time, just waiting to turn 65 so that they can retire. Many work for the Church during the day but lead lives of a completely different nature when away from their jobs. They are “Catholic by job description, only” – but do not carry on the message of the Holy Gospels. They look at their jobs as “just a job” – not as any part of any Holy Catholic ministry – and run their offices more like a government office as opposed to a loving Christian one. When we run our Catholic offices like business offices and forget about the ministry aspect and what Jesus taught us during His 3-year ministry, then we lose all credibility as a Catholic institution and the blind continue to lead the blind…Hence, this is exactly where our problem lies. Being an employee of any Catholic diocese in this country is a privilege, an honor. It’s not “just a job”…It is a ministry and you are a faith minister to those who enter into your presence…

The problem here also holds true with the issue that we have with so many of our lay teachers that we have all around our country who are teaching in Catholic schools. The problem here is even bigger and more widespread. Like these lay employees who work for the different dioceses, many of these lay teachers do not qualify to be teaching in our Catholic schools. Everybody knows that. When our beloved Catholic Church allows these lay people and teachers to run our Church and schools, respectively, on a daily basis and they are NOT taught or catechized correctly, one can just imagine what that will lead to – not Total Catechism, but, rather, Total Chaos…

And, speaking of our beloved Catholic school teachers – when you throw in the most controversial issue to hit the Catholic schools in the past century – “The Curse of Common Core” – how much more Total Chaos do you want? Don’t even get this Christian on a Mission started…Here, our lay teachers are trying to sort out all the intricate things that they need to do and prepare for and at the same time, learn the Catholic Faith as much as they can before the next school year, and now you throw in something as evil and unethical as Common Core – and you expect them to perform at an optimum level? Who are we kidding? Even the great doctors of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine, would be confused, lost for words and not even know where to start their lesson plans. Common Core is the curriculum of the devil and does not belong near our Catholic schools.

Friends: This is what the Catholic Faithful face today in our society. Lots of chaos, lots of confusion, not enough of the Truth…and, not enough of authentic Catholic Church teachings. Not enough Real Catholics and way too many “Cafeteria” ones who seem to always be on a diet and like to pick and choose what is convenient, what is easy to digest and “less fattening” for them. Too many “Cafeteria Catholics” are ironically diabetic, as they have “sugar-coated” their faith for too long and now, it has caught up to them. It’s one hell of a disease. And, for some odd reason, it is those Real Catholics who know the Gospels and their Catechism; who practice it every day, who walk the walk and are “Bold for their Faith” – that are the ones who are considered to be the “Rebels of the Church”. The radical ones. The outspoken ones. These are the ones who are not afraid to lay their lives down for another. The ones who are not afraid to speak the Truth. The ones who are not afraid to lay their lives, jobs, careers and futures down for their Holy Catholic Church. But, yet, they are the ones who are being ostracized from some of the parishes and work places around the country because they speak the Truth boldly and walk the walk confidently…always following in Jesus’ footsteps…

“BE NOT AFRAID” – Saint John Paul II

These are the same ones who are pushed out of the church and their respective ministries because they are “too bold” and know too much. They ruffle too many feathers. They create too much un-comfortness for the Cafeteria Catholics and even for some of the closely-watching, nervous clergy. They intimidate others because they speak too much Truth and nobody in the Catholic Church really wants to hear the Truth today. Those are the authentic Catholic activists like our beloved “Pro-Lifers” & “Anti-Common Core Soldiers” who fight for the integrity of the Holy Catholic Church like the “original soldier of Christ”, St. Ignatius of Loyola (whose Feast Day we celebrate on July 31st) – who know what it is like to lay down their lives for another and be their “Brother’s Keeper”…

Like Father James Molgano (the bold, “speak nothing but the Truth” Pastor of St. Martin de Porres and former U.S. Marine), who knows what it is like to be in a fox hole during an all out gun battle and have his best friend’s back. And, he continues to do the same thing from the sacred altar at his vibrant church in Jensen Beach today, honoring our Blessed Mother with every bold word that he speaks.

Like EWTN’s Doug Barry, the “Battle Ready Evangelist” who travels the country speaking the truth in countless Catholic churches – putting his life on the line every single day while receiving standing ovations for his bold talks about the atrocities of abortion, Common Core and all the intrinsic evils that so many of our clergy are petrified to speak about from the pulpits today. It takes guts and conviction to do what Doug does every day and because of his relentless mission, him and I have become best of friends. What Father James Molgano and Doug Barry (who are inseparable in Friendship, Faith & Fortitude) do – is exactly what Jesus taught us – but, it is precisely what gets that hard-core Catholic activist & outspoken Pastors in our country in trouble today with the rest of the system…because this broken system is totally intimidated by the Truth and does not understand what our Lord & Savior meant when He said “When you did that for the least of my brothers, you did it unto me”.

So, without further adieu, fasten your seat belts and get ready to click on to the Church Militant, himself, Michael Voris’s latest video entitled “Fire Them All”. This will get you fired up, yourself, as Michael breaks it down for us by telling nothing but the Truth. Friends: I could not have said it any better as Mr. Voris has the guts and courage to tell it like it is time and again. He hits one out with 3 on base this time – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Say what you want about Micheal Voris (love him or hate him) – but, he is the one person who truly puts it out there and holds nothing back and speaking the Truth is what he does best. This is a topic that I chose to write about and one that was long over-due. Like he clearly states in this video and like I wrote about in Part I- “Until we clean up the Lord’s House, get rid of all the “confused chaos” that is running amuck in so many parishes all over our country; spend time on damage control; and start all over again from a solid Catholic foundation – we will continue to live the “Big Lie”, short change those who adore the Real Catholic Faith, and not do justice to the next generation coming up. Our beloved children are the future of our beloved Church. We owe it to them!

As authentic and active Catholics who are here to protect the integrity of our Holy Catholic Church – the Good Guys need to step up right now and take our Catholic Church back. Be not afraid! It is not too late! That should be the theme of our Church today as those hard core “Pro-Lifers & Anti-Common Core Soldiers” – the real Catholic activists who walk the walk & speak the Truth – are the ones who need to step up right now like I am doing and get that Battle Cry out – “Take our Church back”! The Church belongs to us. We are the true St. Ignatius of Loyola soldiers. We form that One Body – One Body in Christ… and every single one of us has a “body part” to play. Let’s begin with the heart – for, if you have no courage pumping through your body like Jesus’ precious blood – then you do not belong in the Holy Catholic Church that He built for those who will be faithful to it.

May God continue to give us the patience and compassion to be able to address these serious problems we have in our Church today. And, in a loving manner, clean The Lord’s house. May we continue to pray that more catechised lay people begin to fill our Catholic work places so that they can do a better job in teaching the faith to others.

Watch this 8 minute video of some serious “truth to be told” by Church militant’s Michael Voris. WARNING: This video is powerful and may ruffle a few feathers if you happen to be one of those “lukewarm” or “professional” Catholics that I talked about in this message.

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