Meet Willy G.


 Willy Guardiola is a passionate Catholic activist and a freelance Catholic journalist who is known to most people as a “Renaissance Man” in that he is involved with so many different types of ministries, organizations, events and activities throughout the state of Florida, where he frequents so many different parishes in the Diocese of Palm Beach that he refers to himself as a “Roamin’ Catholic”. He networks with countless number of clergy and Catholic activists throughout the diocese, always serving as a catalyst and evangelist in promoting the numerous events that he is a part of. A former highly respected NCAA Basketball Official with the SEC, the OVC & the Atlantic Ten, Willy spent a lifetime running up and down the hardwoods throughout many parts of the country. He also ran the most prolific Basketball Camps & Corporate Leagues in South Florida for 27 years. He was inducted into the Junior College Basketball Hall of Fame on March 6th, 2004.
Currently, Willy G., as he is known to all of his colleagues and readers, continues to run a hands-on, non-profit ministry called “Christian on a Mission”, since 2006, where his organization ministers to the poor, the homeless, the less fortunate, the orphans of the world, and the most vulnerable – the unborn. Willy also serves as the President of the Palm Beach County Right to Life League, where they work with every single “Pro-Life” organization in the Diocese of Palm Beach, putting their necks on the line every single day to protect the innocent unborn. His immediate goal is to take the Pro-Life Movement in Palm Beach County to a level that has never been seen before, while aggressively coming after the ruthless abortionists at their place of business.
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Willy coaching basketball at the Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Nicaragua

Willy G. has also led the charge in the state of Florida with his relentless fight against the “Curse of Common Core” – the unconstitutional government take-over of the country’s education system. He has focused his national efforts mostly on the Catholic schools, where he has written to every single Bishop in the country, met with all 7 Bishops in the state of Florida, and has even written to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, himself. He is determined to “reverse the curse” and proclaims that he will not give up his efforts until all 7 Catholic dioceses in the state of Florida drop Common Core and get back to the basics of Catholicism, while focusing their efforts on the Almighty Father rather than the Almighty Dollar…

 A naturalist, professional harmonica player with Christian music group The Upper Room Boys, prolific writer and communicator whose role models are St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa,  Saint Pope John Paul II and Henry David Thoreau, Willy works out of his custom-built 3-story log home out in the country, where he says he gets his inspiration to write the countless e-mails and articles that he comes up with every single week. A devout Pro-Life Catholic whose mission in life is “to save as many souls as possible and to become a saint, himself” – Willy G. is truly a Christian on a Mission as he says that the work of a true evangelist is a 24/7 commitment and while the devil never takes a day off – we dedicated disciples & prophets cannot afford to either…

Write to Willy for more information and to donate to Christian on a Mission by clicking here.


James Kerns: Active Committee member of “Catholic Men for Jesus Rally” / Active parishioner from St. Helen Catholic Church in Vero Beach.

St. Ignatius of Loyola said “There are very few people who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves into His hands, and let themselves be formed by His grace”. These words describe
Willy Guardiola – his life, his mission and his ministry. We can all learn, live, give and forgive by Willy G.’s Christian witness.

 MYRNA WONG: Past President of the Catholic Conference of Women (CCW) for the Diocese of P.B.

It has been a blessing what Willy G. and Christian on a Mission have brought with his messages that have inspired so many of us in our diocese. His tireless fight for the the unborn and Pro life issues are inspiring. Willy has reached out to many that did not know of the plight of the unborn nor even knew what it meant until he brought so much to light. Awareness of the Abortions of babies is not a topic that many are comfortable with, yet Willy G.’s bold statements and information in support of the babies brings it to the forefront. Please keep up your informative e-mails to all of us so that we can stay engaged in keeping our Catholic faith alive. May God continue to Bless you, Willy G, through your Christian on a Mission outreach.


John Giorgis:  Pro-Life & Program Director @ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, KOC Council #13047, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Christian on a Mission could be more aptly called “Catholic on a Mission” because Willy Guardiola is 100% unequivocally practicing his Catholic Faith with a burning, fervent devotion, total dedication and intense love for our beloved Holy Roman Catholic Church and doing so with true Christian ZEAL. His ministry is for ALL people, regardless of their creed, for the purpose of sharing and living the Gospel Message and spreading The Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here in Palm Beach Diocese, S. Florida and indeed the World.
Christian on a Mission is Bold, Zealous, Courageous and Committed to Proclaiming and Building the Kingdom of God.

Jim Fabyan:  Divine Mercy coordinator/ Eucharistic Adoration coordinator at St. Ignatius Church

I run a few ministries myself, and I can attest to you, it is a lot of work. Few will do it, and not many will help. Christian on a Mission encompasses so much that if one was not full time devoted to it, the parishioners would suffer from lack of information. There are so many forces trying to destroy the church, that it is imperative to support this cause. I have watched Willy G. work for 3 years now, it is non-stop for all the needy causes that arise and he does it with honesty, faith, and conviction

Ivonne Sherman:  Bible study / Magnificat praise and worship leader.

Christian on a Mission is a force to be reckoned with. A war ship plowing through the turbulent waters of this stormy world. With Willy G. at the helm, Christian on a Mission does what most of us Catholics either don’t have time to do or the courage to do it. We are all called to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and out of that love should flow a desire to build up the Church and to share the Gospel with everyone. Unfortunately, the Gospel and the Church are under severe attack and that’s why Christian on a Mission is working tirelessly to shed light on the Truth.  Thank you Willy G. for fighting for Jesus and The Church, who carries the fullness of the Truth.

Father John Mericantante: Retired Pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church Pahokee, Florida

“Christian on a Mission truly follows the heartfelt desire of Our Lord to love others as oneself and to go forth and tell the ‘Good News’.”

 Pastor Ray Underwood: Pastor of Palm Beach Community Church

“Willy Guardiola is a man who I admire for his “Heart & Love” towards people- especially people who are suffering or less fortunate.  Through his participation with P.B.C.C.’s Nicaragua Mission trip and Worship Arts and Music Ministry, he has shown himself to be a ‘Man of Action’. He doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to living out his faith – he truly ‘WALKS THE WALK’.”

 Father Yves Francois: Diocesan Priest/Former Director of Vocations of Diocese of Palm Beach

“Christian on a Mission is a crusade to care and to feed the ‘poorest of the poor’.”

 Tyler Tuite: Associate Director of ORPHANetwork

“Willy Guardiola’s passion to serve those in need is incredible.  ‘Christian on a Mission’ is evidence of that great passion.  It is great to see someone respond so clearly to God’s call to serve His children.”

Sue Tunis: Former Pastor of Student Ministries at Palm Beach Community Church

“Willy Guardiola is a man of integrity and character, who has made it his personal business to care for the poor, hurting, and orphaned people of our world, and who challenges each and every one of us to follow his lead and to do the same.”

Glen R. Aitken, Sr.: LifeTeen Music Minister at St. Ignatius Catholic Church

“Being involved at the inception of ‘Christian on a Mission’, I witnessed the hope, love, charity, and compassion of Christ that this ministry delivered to the poverty-stricken people of Arcadia, Florida.  This is a ministry that “Walks the Walk’ and has the integrity and faith required in today’s world to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

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